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Colic Improved with Chiropractic

The National Health Service in Ballerup (Copenhagen, Denmark) conducted a study involving 50 infants with diagnoses infantile colic.  Half of the group was given the

Seniors and Chiropractic

The general population is going to chiropractors in record numbers.  Seniors, the fastest segment of the population is no exception.  According to a recent August

Golfer’s Back Pain

As amateur golfer’s, many of us have something in common with Jack Nichlaus and Lee Travino – a bad back. If you are among the

“Growing Pains”

Concerned parents often ask chiropractors whether they can help children suffering with growing pains. The answer is yes. While chiropractic offers no claim to cure

Help for Neck and Shoulder Pain.

First of all, don’t sleep on a stack of pillows, or even one thick pillow this puts stress on the upper back and neck. Don’t

Chiropractic, What is It?

The best known and most widely used alternative therapy in the United States today, chiropractic focuses on the manipulation of the spine and other joints