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“Ouch!” That first step can be painful in the morning. Stretching of the soft tissue on the underside of the foot can place extreme pressure on the rear foot bone causing a heel spur and/or a condition of plantar fasciitis. The stretching of the soft tissue can contribute to an uneven walking foundation and fallen arches, causing a compensatory reaction traveling up your body often resulting in knee, hip, and low back pain.

Chiropractic recognizes this uneven gait and wear and tear of your feet and it’s a contribution to spinal subluxation. Your chiropractor will prescribe custom fit orthotics to help relieve the pressure on the foot arch and stabilize your gait and posture helping you to achieve greater levels of health and wellness.


Motion Control

Motion control footwear emphasizes medial support by having dual-density midsoles, roll bars or footbridges. This medial (inside support) support slows the rate of overpronation. Motion Control shoes are for runners who generally have a low or flat arch and are moderate to severe overpronators. These shoes employ extra support devices on the medial side to slow excessive pronation and tend to have wider and flatter outsoles. Heavier runners who need extra support and durability may also want Motion Control shoes. An example of a motion control shoe would be the Saucony Progrid Stabil CS.

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Stability footwear combines cushioning features and support features into its design. Stability shoes are for runners who have normal or medium arches who are mild to moderate overpronators. These shoes have some medial support and good midsole cushioning. Because normal or medium arches are the most common foot type, most runners will need Stability shoes. An example would be the Saucony Progrid Hurricane running shoe.

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Cushioned footwear emphasizes enhanced shock dispersion in its midsole and/or outsole design. Many shoe companies add materials to the heel and forefoot areas to enhance the cushioning properties of the shoe i.e. air, gel, hydro flow etc. A Cushioning shoe is best for runners with a high arch who do not pronate effectively. These shoes do not have medial supports but are more concerned with midsole cushioning. The midsole will provide the extra shock absorption that the lack of pronation is missing. Along with a runner who does not overpronate, Neutral Cushioned shoes also work well for midfoot and forefoot strikers. An example of a cushioned running shoe would be the Saucony Progrid Triumph.

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Gait Analysis

Dr. Faulkner performs video gait analysis using Sports Motion software stop motion video software.

Many motions occur too fast to be seen accurately with the human eye. Being able to break down motion into 1/60th of second increments allows us (and you) to see these subtleties in your walking or running gait cycle or bicycle pedal stroke. These seeming minor aberrancies often have far-reaching effects on your performance (meaning fractions of seconds to minutes or more) and can contribute to repetitive strain injuries (the average person takes 3500 steps per mile!)

Faulkner Chiropractic & Orthotics is one of the few facilities in Illinois to use Sports Motion software stop motion video software for gait analysis. Being able to see the patient’s gait is an invaluable tool in helping make a correct diagnosis as well as bringing together the spine foot relationship via the Kinetic chain. This, along with years of experience, allows Dr. Faulkner to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment, exercises and orthotics for your specific condition.

Call today and speak with our office about a video gait analysis to determine if your feet are related to your back pain.

3D Foot Scanner

The TOM-CAT Scanner is a safe, accurate and clean system that replaces traditional methods of prescribing orthotics. This revolutionary method eliminates the human-error factor, often encountered with traditional casting methods. The TOM-CAT allows patients the ability to consult with their practitioner, have their feet scanned and then be on their way.

Orthotic Devices

Our Comprehensive Custom orthotic line is unsurpassed in quality and workmanship, providing the full spectrum of choices and designs. Orthotic types include Maximum Control, Mid Range, Accommodative, Applied Sports, Fashion & Dress and Specialty. Our custom made devices can be fabricated from many different materials.

Kinetic Chain

Parts of our bodies are connected to each other. When there is a long-standing orthopedic problem somewhere in your body, chances are the problem is connected in some way to another problem in another area of your body. If your ankles or knees hurt just from walking, I would guess that you may have some issues with your feet. Even if your feet are hurting, there may be an issue with your calves. Tight calves can lead to problems in your knees, hips and lower back. This, in turn, can cause problems in your upper back, shoulders, neck and even head. When a part of this chain is weak or damaged, it will affect other parts of the chain. We specifically check this on every patient to make sure nothing is missed.