Help for Neck and Shoulder Pain.

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Help for Neck and Shoulder Pain.

First of all, don’t sleep on a stack of pillows, or even one thick pillow this puts stress on the upper back and neck. Don’t read or watch television while lying down. This can contort the neck. Always sit upright. Don’t carry heavy purses or bags with a shoulder strap. The weight can pull on the neck and shoulder causing further pain. When doing work that requires you to bend your neck downward or face the same direction for long periods take frequent breaks. Be strict in following good postural habits when standing, sitting and walking. Follow a regular schedule of appropriate exercises to help strengthen your back and neck. Your chiropractor can recommend the best exercise program for you. Doctors of chiropractic are educated and trained in the detection and care of problems related to the spine. Your first visit to the chiropractor will include a complete chiropractic examination. X-rays may be ordered to screen for possible underlying pathologies and to reveal extreme distortions of the spine. In addition we may advise you on therapeutic exercises, job safety, work-related posture and dietary information.


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