“Growing Pains”

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“Growing Pains”

Concerned parents often ask chiropractors whether they can help children suffering with growing pains. The answer is yes. While chiropractic offers no claim to cure the problem, many children have been relieved of this common problem. The term “growing pains” is somewhat misleading because there is no evidence that these pains are associated with growth. Growing pains are usually diagnosed during the period of middle childhood and this is not the period of most rapid growth of the child. “Leg aches” may be better terminology.
Growing pains occur in 15 to 30% of all children. They are most commonly seen in children between the ages of 3 and 12 years. Girls are affected more commonly than boys. The front of the thighs, the calves and the area behind the knees are the areas most commonly involved. The joints are not usually involved with this problem. Chiropractors are regularly effective in the management of a child with growing pains. Gentle chiropractic manipulation of the vertebrae in the lower spine and pelvis can relieve irritation of spinal nerves which travel from the spine down into the legs. Decreasing nerve irritation allows the muscles in the legs to function better and often without pain. Discussion of these issues with your chiropractor may help you decide if your child is a candidate for treatment.

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